Why make yet another ftp client?

Ok, long story... err, long AND techie, sorry :)

There are many FTP clients out there, and yes, I've been in the same situation as you probably have; I need to download this file, only this file. I don't want to have unlimited bookmarks or organize my sites in any way, I just want that file now! Then I'll probably keep that FTP client and probably re-use it next time simply because it is already installed. Of course you are not interested in learning new concepts. Why should you?

These thoughts made me beleive that there is a small opening for yet another FTP client in the world, one that looks and feels as explorer that we all know about. Including all the features as drag and drop, sendto, new menu etc... but also with specific FTP features as file search for example.

When building the drag and drop support, when one drags a file to the desktop, the application has to download the file to a temporary location and then move it (according to specifications). Why? What happens if the file already exists? Should the user be informed about this fact AFTER downloading 250 Mb? Of course not, relax. After several hours of hard inter-window-communication observation we found the solution of getting the real drop-path before we start downloading so that resume and overwrite messages is presented in correct time.

Just for the heck of it; Download ANY other FTP client and see if it supports draging a file from within the application to the windows desktop and resuming on the file there, without downloading the complete file first! This NoopFTP can do. (Which I think is kind of unique!) Download and test if you do not beleive me :)

A second very useful feature is to create a new directory or create a new text-document, how would you do that in explorer? Exactly, through the right click-menu or from the File-menu. We have built the exact same menu into NoopFTP! Right click and try!

The third and final feature that I'll nag about is the send-to menu. It is also a simulation of explorer's menu system. You can send a file to a folder, drive, predefined application or even send it as email to someone through MAPI with your normal email-client. Which other FTP client can do this?




NoopFTP 1.2

April 2004

NoopFTP 1.1

June 2003

NoopFTP 1.0

January 2003

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